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About Hyperion Financial

Hyperion Financial Group was founded with one simple goal in mind:  to help individual investors make more money from their investments.

Whether in stocks, options, commodities, currencies, or ETFs, we use our broad knowledge and experience to give you an edge.  An edge that can translate into more money in your bank account at the end of the day.

You see, Hyperion Financial Group was founded by both Wall Street and Silicon Valley investment veterans.  Thus, we have a unique perspective on what can make you serious money- and what can't.  Our readers use this perspective to grow their accounts in all market conditions. 

We've been through recessions, bear markets, inflation, rate cuts, rate hikes, financial meltdowns, and market crashes.  At the same time, we've participated in extraordinary bull markets that made our investors very wealthy. 

When it comes to the markets, there isn't much we haven't seen.

Whether you have a large account or small, whether you have experience or are just getting started.  We're confident we have an easy-to-use investment strategy that can help you achieve your financial goals and dreams, no matter how big.

Our editors strive to bring you fresh, unbiased ideas you can't get from watching CNBC or reading the Wall Street Journal.  We've developed specialized investment strategies that have proven themselves in the trenches- not just on some analyst's computer.

It's this commitment to quality investment research that has won us praise from thousands of investors from countries all around the world.  So, we invite you to have a look around our site and research our investment strategies.  We're certain you'll like what you see!