Penny Stock Breakouts

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Penny Stock Breakouts



Penny Stock Breakouts, written by Wall Street veteran and small company specialist Jay Chernoff, is a monthly investment advisory that concentrates on the lucrative penny stock market. 

Each month, Jay analyzes thousands of penny stocks using a variety of fundamental, technical, and common-sense indicators to identify only those penny stocks that are on the verge of a major breakout in the very near future.

Penny Stock Breakouts editor Jay Chernoff has many years of Wall Street experience finding and selecting only those penny stock investments that truly offer an outstanding risk versus return profile.  Jay's prior background as a floor trader and hedge fund analyst also gives him a leg-up in cutting through the noise and discovering only those companies that possess real prospects for immediate profit.

Here at Hyperion Financial, we believe in offering investment research that goes against the grain.  That's how the real money is made.  When it comes to investing, following the herd often delivers subpar investment returns, especially in the penny stock markets. 

That's why it's important to go outside-the-box and find companies that haven't made the headlines - yet.  And no one can help you do that better than Jay...

Remember, penny stock profits can be made without any margin, spreads or borrowed money.  Nor do you have to have a large bankroll to see amazing returns.

As many of you know, investing in penny stocks can be enormously profitable.  We've seen stocks return thousands of percent very quickly and turn small sums of money into millions.  But it can also be a very 'tricky' market to master. 

Let Jay's proven stock-picking skills and experience guide you in navigating this explosive market for both fun and profit! 

Click here to learn more.  To see the performance of Penny Stock Breakouts on closed positions, click here.