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The Penny Speculator



The Penny Speculator is a premium research service that focuses entirely on highly-explosive penny stocks currently trading for less than a dollar per share.  Unlike other penny stock services that are nothing more than glorified lottery tickets, The Penny Speculator uses a proven, and highly effective system to identify stocks with real potential.

Trade alerts are issued only when editor Jay Chernoff finds a situation that tilts the odds of tremendous success in our favor.  Once he does, subscribers get a clear, concise recommendation that's easy to act on.  No fluff and filler here!

Once the trade is made, Jay keeps his subscribers informed every step of the way.

They know what's going on with their stocks, what to do when things change and most importantly, when to take profits.  It's this attention to detail that has made Jay one of the most widely-followed penny stock analysts on the planet.

As Director of Small-Cap Research at Hyperion Financial Group, Jay brings years of experience on Wall Street.  Serving as both a floor trader and hedge fund analyst, Jay has the pedigree you need in a penny stock analyst.

It's this kind of diverse education and talent that we pride ourselves on here at Hyperion Financial.  And nobody embodies that more than Jay Chernoff.  It's truly no secret why he and his subscribers have had such tremendous success.

As you probably know, investing in sub-$2 penny stocks can be enormously profitable. We've seen stocks return thousands of percent very quickly and turn small sums of money into millions. But it can also be a very 'tricky' market to master.

Let Jay's proven stock-picking skills and experience guide you in navigating this explosive market for both fun and profit!

Click here to learn more.  To see the performance of The Penny Speculator on closed positions, click here.